Book Signing Event!

Wednesday, March 15
11am – 3pm
Indigo Books
Park Royal
West Vancouver
All welcome!

Introducing Miracle at the Border

A must-read, firsthand miracle account of first responders and medical professionals working together to save the life of one Canadian man.

The Miracle

A fit and high spirited Jim Graham leaves home in West Vancouver, Canada, on a bright June morning for a practice bike ride. He and his buddy, Andy, were preparing for a Ride for Cancer to Seattle. Twenty-six days later he returns home, changed forever.

Fifteen feet into the United States, Jim’s heart stops six times in the first valiant rescue efforts. First responders air lift him to St. Joseph Medical Centre ICU in Bellingham. Jim is placed on full life support and given little chance of survival. From deep within a medically-induced coma, Jim fights for his life. An unbroken chain of doctors, border guards, nurses, emergency transporters, social media and his beloved family and friends keep him anchored to life.

Written in courageously revealing prose by his wife, author Barbara L. Graham, Miracle at the Border takes us on a journey from trauma to triumph, revealing real people and experiences in the complex world of crisis medicine. We glimpse into the hearts and minds of life-saving professionals sharing in their own words their technical reports and personal insights.

In a dedicated chapter, this gritty, profoundly human account also generously shares through personal experience and research, practical insights, strategies, and lessons learned, plus a variety of trauma-related resources.

A testament to the work of unsung heroes, the power of love and the might of medical technology, this true inspirational story about beating the odds assures us that miracles can and do happen.


Proud Author at Miracle at the Border Launch!




The launch was amazing!  I don’t know how to describe the energy and emotion that filled that packed room.  The heartfelt applause as each health care person was acknowledged and especially for Detlef Goellner, the person who did the initial CPR on Jim.  The fact that various medical and first responders personnel were there speaks volumes regarding Jim, you and your family.  I am so glad that I was there to hear and see what different people had to say as well as hearing you and Jim speak from your hearts.  This was truly an incredible event and testifies to the kind of people you are.

~ Judy Woloschuck


There are those rare moments in life where you bear witness to amazing events by remarkable people. The “Miracle at the Border” book launch was one such occasion. From the author’s, Barbara Graham, poignant speech demonstrating love and courage beyond measure; the endless loyalty of a close friend who was steadfast when faced with the worse nightmare imaginable; the heroic and inspiring actions of the first responders and medical professionals who dedicate their lives to saving others; to the sheer determination and grit of Jim Graham whose fight back to life after dying lays at the heart of this miraculous story. Knowing the Grahams’, I shouldn’t be surprised this book launch, with a couple hundred people in attendance, would turn into a very personal and intimate one-on-one conversation, which touched our hearts and connected everyone in the room. I am filled with awe and gratitude to all involved in this incredible story and most of all for the precious gift of life.

~ Val Hawick

Although knowing much of the history of Jim’s traumatic event on June 7, 2015, my eyes and heart were expanded on the day of the book launch. It was an honour to hear the first hand accounts of the first responders and friends who were present that day. To hear about the work and dedication of the other medical professionals and their ability to coordinate seamlessly to care for Jim. To see the stead-fast dedication of Jim and Barb’s family and friends during Jim’s treatment and recovery, and to share Jim’s unbelievable will to carry on.”

The day brought a strange mix of laughter with tears and I anticipate much more when reading Barb’s heart felt and eloquent description of the events, the first responders, nurses and medical care givers’ description of the challenges and victories of each step of Jim’s care, and Jim’s feelings and thoughts around his miracle.

~ Sandra Curtin


The Book Launch was a professionally presented, seamlessly organized day with an atmosphere of gratitude, love and joy.

Many tears were shed as we relived, through first hand experiences, the actions that saved Jim’s life. And then, a humorous remark or two from the podium (in true Graham-family-style) brought us back to the reality that Jim is still with us and our collective gratitude simply flowed.

All in attendance shared a remarkable celebration of life  –  one that is far from over, thanks to the tremendous efforts of first responders and medical personnel, the loving support network of family and friends and Jim’s resilient, tenacious will.

~ Marnie McGrath